Project Manager



Mike Luebeck is a highly skilled architectural designer and project manager. With a wealth of expertise in design, construction, and management spanning over 15 years, Mike has played a key role in every aspect of the design process. His portfolio features a diverse range of projects, ranging from medical and biotechnology facilities to institutional organizations, industrial and manufacturing buildings, corporate offices, and top-secret SCIF rooms and suites. One of Mike’s greatest strengths is his ability to meticulously create pricing, permit, and construction drawing sets that encompass detailed plans, sections, elevations, and specifications. In addition, he excels in conducting thorough code reviews and providing comprehensive project notes, ensuring every detail is accounted for.

What sets Mike apart is his ability to communicate seamlessly across various disciplines, which demonstrates his versatility and professionalism. Before joining the Maugel DeStefano team, Mike excelled as a project engineer in the construction industry. During this time, he skillfully managed the construction phase of various projects, gaining invaluable experience along the way. His expertise extends to working on residential timber frame houses, where he specialized in timber and stick-framed structures, MEP installations, and finishing elements. Additionally, Mike played a crucial role in organizing BIM efforts for prefabricated, high efficiency building modules, showcasing his innovative and forward-thinking approach.