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Architect Jeremy Baldwin plays a crucial role in propelling Maugel DeStefano's exponential growth in the multifamily sector, utilizing his extensive network and industry expertise to secure new projects and cultivate valuable partnerships. With a wealth of experience in leading diverse teams across a wide range of project sizes and complexities, Jeremy now heads Maugel DeStefano's Multifamily Studio. His unwavering commitment to helping clients develop effective strategies and execute projects with utmost efficiency, combined with outstanding interpersonal skills, enable him to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

Jeremy excels at skillfully navigating the intricate maze of permitting and approval processes for projects. With his extensive experience working with multifamily clients throughout New England, and especially in the vibrant Greater Worcester area, he possesses a deep understanding of the local market and its unique challenges. This invaluable knowledge allows him to effortlessly maneuver through the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring smooth progress for projects from initial concept to final completion.

Jeremy is a firm believer in the importance of teaching and mentoring within the industry. He takes great pride in imparting his knowledge and experience to his colleagues, creating a collaborative and supportive environment. In addition to his professional responsibilities, Jeremy actively engages with his local community. He serves on the planning board in his hometown of Tyngsborough, Mass, where he plays an important role in shaping the future development of the community. Jeremy's dedication to his community is a testament to his passion for not only meeting the needs of clients but also enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering Tech from the Wentworth Institute of Technology and a Master of Architecture from the Boston Architectural College.


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