Maugel Designs Renovation at Northwest Park

by: Robin Peters, Marketing Director
Thu, Jan 26 , 2017

Maugel Architects announced it has completed façade improvements at 63 Third Avenue within Northwest Park for Nordblom Company.  Maugel has designed exterior and interior transformations for more than 40 buildings—representing over 100 tenants at the park. The 30,000 SF renovation at 63 Third Avenue updated the building’s façade to create visual interest and improve the overall performance of the building envelope.  The new design defined the entrances through the creative use of modern metal and simulated-wood panels applied directly to the existing facade. To allow natural light into the building’s interior with minimal impact on the existing masonry bearing wall, Maugel added windows in a rhythm consistent to the original design—resulting in significant cost savings.

In addition to Maugel Architects, other team members included R.W. Sullivan Engineering and Structural Systems, Inc.