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Maugel Attends LFB-USA Groundbreaking in Marlboro

by: Robin Peters, Marketing Director
Tue, May 31 , 2016

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Marlboro facility will process critical maternity drug

At the groundbreaking Tuesday are from left: Robert Fletcher; Mike Megna; Fritz Reinhart; Mayor Arthur Vigeant; LFB-USA President William Gavin; architect Jon Cocker; Meredith Harris, Marlboro Economic Development; Angus McQuilken, Mass. Life Sciences Center; and David Masiello, president of RP Masiello Construction. Daily News and Wicked Local Staff photo/Art Illman

By Jeff Malachowski

MetroWest Daily News Staff

Posted May. 25, 2016 at 10:52 AM
Updated May 26, 2016 at 9:25 AM

MARLBORO – Continuing the burgeoning growth of the life sciences industry in the city and state, LFB USA Tuesday broke ground on a new 65,000-square-foot manufacturing and laboratory facility that will bring 50 new jobs to the region.

Located on vacant land on Crowley Drive, the $37 million manufacturing facility will, in part, be used for the early-stage processing of antithrombin, commonly known as ATryn. The drug is used to treat preeclampsia, a hereditary disorder that can cause blood clots, seizures and, in severe forms, maternal or infant death.

“We anticipated the need for that product will go up in the future,” said Fritz Reinhart, senior director of project management at LFB USA – a pharmaceutical company.

Other products will be developed in the future, said William Gavin, company president.

“This is our signature capital investment,” said Gavin. “It represents a real maturation of the company. We really need to scale this up for the market demand.”

Gavin, Reinhart and other company officials were joined by Mayor Arthur Vigeant and Angus McQuilken, vice president of communications and marketing for Mass Life Sciences, for a brief groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday.

“We’re excited to see the building get started,” said Vigeant.

Crews leveled the ground in the fall and began laying the foundation in April with the goal of opening late next summer, said Reinhart.

Last year, city officials approved a tax increment financing deal with the company, paving the way for construction of the new facility.

Throughout the course of the seven-year deal, the project is estimated to generate $711,360 in tax revenue for the city. If the 8.5-acre property remained vacant, it would have only brought in about $105,000 in taxes during that period.

The company plans to bring 50 new jobs to the city by the end of the deal. LFB will add 20 full-time employees by June 30, 2019. In 2020, the company plans to hire another 15 new employees. In the following three years, LFB will hire five new workers each year.

“We’re happy to bring more jobs to Massachusetts and Marlboro,” said Gavin.

Gavin described Marlboro as a “perfect” location for LFB, which also has offices in Framingham and Charlton, due to proximity to transportation and a well-educated workforce.

“It just fits what we need,” he said.

LFB is one of several life science companies to expand or move to Marlboro in the past few years, including Boston Scientific, CeQur and Verax Biomedical.

“Life sciences has become an important engine for the Massachusetts economy,” McQuilken said.