Maugel Architects has teamed with Nordblom Company and Erland Construction to renovate 26,477 square feet of existing office space in Northwest Park, a mixed-use development in Burlington, Mass., into the new corporate headquarters for LeMaitre Vascular. The project is expected to be completed in just five months. This is Maugel's seventh project for LeMaitre Vascular. 

Founded in 1983, LeMaitre Vascular is a leading global manufacturer of devices for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease. LeMaitre’s focus is meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of vascular surgeons with disposable and implantable vascular devices for use in both open vascular surgery and minimally invasive procedures.

The building’s facade will be updated with new windows and storefronts as well as a curtain wall and overhead door for deliveries. Interior walls, partitions, ceilings and finishes will be altered in order to meet the needs of the building’s end-users.

LeMaitre’s desired open-concept design includes new offices and conference rooms along the perimeter, kitchenette, reception area and storage space in addition to a warehouse buildout. In lieu of a loading dock, the tenant will use a hydraulic scissor lift for deliveries, requiring the creation of a pit to keep the equipment flush and the addition of a safety railing to prevent injury.