Waverley Oaks Building Design

Maugel Completes Waverley Oaks Renovation

by: Robin Peters, Marketing Director
Thu, Jul 05 , 2018

Maugel Architects has completed the renovation of 411 Waverley Oaks Road in Waltham, MA. Duffy Properties selected Maugel to transform the façade of the existing 206,000 SF Flex building giving it a striking street presence.  Team members included Beals and Thomas and RRC Engineering.

The new design transforms the 1975 painted CMU-clad building into a modern retail destination with clean lines and forms and large expanses of glass that maximizes natural light. The new facade features raised glass towers and a new building envelope which seamlessly integrates with the existing structure through the use of polished CMU pilasters and phenolic composite panels, resulting in a more appropriate scale to the 900-foot long building facade.

Hardscape and softscape enhancements were also made to increase tenant accessibility and provide amenities, such as outdoor patios and dining areas.