Congratulations to Maugel DeStefano Office Manager, Maureen Hopper, and her wonderful family. The Hopper family has been Walking for the Boston Children’s Hospital fundraiser for 20 years, ever since their son Andrew was born with a life-threatening heart defect. BCH doctors detected Andrew’s heart defect before he was born and performed corrective surgery when he was only three days old. The care he received—and continues to receive—at BCH has been outstanding.

The Hoppers are the only family who has walked all 20 years since the Walk’s inception. This year, they were invited to share their story from the Esplanade Hatch Shell stage at the Walk’s opening ceremony.

“It was very exciting and a bit scary!” said Maureen. “We have walked for so many years and were honored to share our story to help raise funds and awareness so that all children can receive the same amazing care that Andrew did.”

Congratulations, Maureen. Your family is an inspiration to all of us.


Hopper-Family Walk for Boston Children's Hospital

L to R: Maureen, Andrew, Dave, and Will Hopper