Our team designed a three-story addition to Laddawn's headquarters located at 155 Jackson Road in Devens, MA. The dramatic new exterior features a phenolic panel façade with asymmetric windows and a metal panel frame, soaring glass curtain walls with aluminum sunshades, and a grand triangular outdoor patio with views of the surrounding context. Sustainability was a key design consideration for the project. Particular attention was given to conserving resources and reducing the environmental impact.  

The new design incorporates an organic-industrial concept featuring interior quality-of-life amenities. The aesthetic is achieved by bringing “the outside in” through the installation of a climbing wall with faux grass, a combination of slate and faux wood tile, exposed steel structures, and organic-patterned architectural screens. Traditional office layouts were replaced with creative spaces that feature standing desks, treadmill and balance ball workstations, lounge areas, a cafe-style gathering space, and an outdoor patio. To encourage alternative transportation, interior bike storage was located on the “Main Street” thoroughfare.

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