The 2016 Superlatives Awards Winners Are In...

by: Robin Peters, Marketing Director
Thu, Dec 22 , 2016

Sarah, Colby, and Nicole did another great job organizing and handing out the annual Maugel Superlatives Awards.  The awards have become a highlight of the annual Maugel Holiday Party which took place on December 10th.  The award titles and descriptions are always very creative and generate a lot of laughs. Can't wait for next year's... 

The Weekend Warrior Award - Always has exciting weekend plans Julie
The Night Owl Award - Keeps the most night hours Cindi
The Comedy Central Award - Company comedian Mike
The Church Mouse Award - Quietest Riaan
The Arnold Palmer Award - Most likely to be golfing Almo
The Fashionista Award - Always looking their very best Jane
The Tickle Me Elmo Award - Best laugh Jen G.
The Dunkin Award - Most caffeinated Mark
The Creative Diction Award - Most eloquent speaker Dan
The Helping Hand Award - Most helpful Maureen
The Hedgehog Award - Maugel's biggest fan Brent
The Tightrope Award - Best work/life balance Colby
The Rookie of the Year - Best new resource  Jen F.
The Duct Tape Award - Able to fix just about anything Jon 
Human Garbage Disposal Award - First and last to the goodies in the office Marcos
The Betty Crocker Award -  Most likely to bring in delicious treats to the office Nicole
The Fox News Award - Most up-to-date on current events Robin
The Early Bird Award -  Always first to open the doors in the morning Will
The Master Chef Award - Always has the best lunches Sarah
The Neat Freak Award - Always has the tidiest desk Denise
The A.D.D. Award - Most likely to get distracted Cory
The Single File Award - Keeps everyone in line Debbie
The P's & Q's Award -  Best manners Rebecca
The Cheerleader Award -  Always has encouraging words Heather
The Ted Talk Award - Always has a story to tell John L.