Maugel Architects was proud to be featured in the Boston Globe's 2018 Top Places to Work issue that appeared on November 18, 2018.  The article highlighted Maugel's innovative employee wellness program.

Most employee wellness programs in the corporate world are driven by Human Resources departments with an aim of reducing sick days, healthcare costs or accidents. At Maugel Architects, we've been taking an entirely different and holistic approach, one founded on our mission and culture.

The program is based on the Zig Ziglar's “Wheel of Life” concept that contains seven spokes. We bring in firms to educate employees on important topics that often get put on life’s backburner, such as wills and estate planning. With less than 30 employees, Maugel is a small company, but we're taking a big step in leading the way in changing how businesses should look at the well-being of employees.

For one of the wheel spokes, Physical/Health, Maugel instituted office product upgrades, healthy organic snacks, chair massages and seminars on depression, stress management and health and nutrition. In the area of Personal and Social wellness, Maugel brought in a specialist to help individuals develop vision boards, while for the Work and Career spoke, we helped employees with professional development and held a workshop on how to manage stress in the workplace. When it came to Family and Financials, the firm had a Family Estate Planning workshop and took employees to an event to learn how to build a better financial literacy. Finally, in the area of Mind & Intellect, Maugel held an emotional intelligence seminar and provided employees books on mindfulness

It's similar to what we do for our clients: In the planning process we set goals and objectives and then map out how to make them a reality. We’re doing the same thing for our people. The more we help our people, the more fulfilling their lives will be, and that will benefit our clients.