Better and Different

by: Sarah Cormier, Project Manager
Tue, Feb 07 , 2017

Funny when your worlds suddenly collide when you are least expecting it...

I have used this quote as the header of my blog since the very first day it launched in 2011. I often stumbled across quotes from Jim Rohn when looking for motivation through the years of struggles with my health and fitness. His words often propelled my writing, inspired me to blog about how I felt when I read them, and made me think about what motivates me. What is it exactly that I am looking for? How am I going to ultimately reach my goal? Can I make it past the road blocks, struggles and doubts? And who are the people in my corner helping to encourage and support me along the way?

There are not many people in the world that are lucky enough to have decided what they wanted to do with their lives (professionally) in high school, go on to college, continue for a Masters, and land a job in the field of their choice. I am one of them. Not only that, but I happen to work at a firm that is unlike any other. The importance of how we feel as employees holds a very high regard. We are respected as individuals and there are often conversations about how we feel about certain things, our personalities, how to deal with difficult conversations/people, and what we can do to better ourselves. We are strongly encouraged to continue our education, broaden our skill sets, and challenge ourselves both as a company and individually. It’s a pretty nice feeling to not feel replaceable.

Yesterday, my office held our annual launch meeting. As an employee, I am considered family. I know I have a team behind me. We have been granted a window into being our best selves. We are encouraged to succeed… be it at whatever we want in life. To become a group of EXTRAordinary people. The goal is to accelerate growth by giving us the tools to reach our goals and helping us to keep motivated to push ahead. It’s exciting. It’s new... and uncharted territory for a lot of people. Scary, I’m sure.

Why not use the same motivation, determination, and drive I wrote so many times about, over and over again in regards to my fitness, with other goals that I feel stuck at. I am in control. I am the only one who can make these decisions. I am the only one holding myself back from being EXTRAordinary. It’s not the things in my life... it’s me. It’s time to get in the driver’s seat. It’s time to show what makes me "better and different." It’s time to get started.

Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going. – Jim Rohn