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A world of Color

Portsmouth, NH



This urban townhouse took on new life when it was renovated, resulting in a fresh and colorful gem in the heart of the historic downtown. Extensive approvals from the local Historic District Commission preceded an addition on the rear of the building and a complete exterior restoration. The addition encompasses a first-floor, finished garage with arch doors that open to the gardens. Above the garage accommodates the master bedroom, walk-in closets and a bathroom suite. The exterior restoration allowed the addition of window pediments, shutters with authentic hardware and gaslight features. The interior of the home was restructured to allow for reworking of the main stair. Amid construction, two previously hidden fireplaces were uncovered. By the end of the renovation, four fireplaces were entirely refurbished. The interior finishes keep visitors engaged and impressed. From imported Italian tile to contextually historic light switches, the colorful decor is appealing to all senses.