Maugel DeStefano designed this four-story, 42-unit multifamily at 105 Pomeroy Avenue in Meriden, Connecticut. The primary objective of the design was to foster a sense of community and establish a strong connection with the outdoors and nearby amenities. All studio, one- and two-bedroom units, feature an abundance of natural light, contemporary features, and a dedicated balcony, from which to enjoy the beauty of the wooded surroundings. The exterior design blends seamlessly with the surrounding vernacular architecture by featuring a brick and clapboard façade with thoughtful attention to trim detailing. 

The building's design prioritized sustainability and exceeded the minimum requirements set by the stringent 2021 International Energy Code (IECC). To decrease reliance on fossil fuels, the design employed all-electric systems, an enhanced building envelope, reduced lighting power, roof-mounted solar panels that offset residents' electricity consumption, and efficient heating and cooling systems.