Part of a major Portsmouth urban redevelopment effort, Portwalk combines a mix of uses including retail shops, restaurants, hotels, and residential units, providing sustainable commerce opportunities to Portsmouth and the Seacoast.  Working in conjunction with the development team and city officials, our Portsmouth team was the Consulting Architect focused on creating a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood consistent with the architectural language of the historic city.  

Phase I of Portwalk consisted of a 130-room hotel, 36 luxury condominiums, and 3,000 SF of commercial space. Phases II and Ill evolved over years of planning and city approval processes. These phases included a 128-room boutique hotel, 36 private luxury residential units, and over 16,000 SF of commercial space — providing mixed uses for daytime businesses and exciting nightlife. Pedestrian-friendly pocket parks allowed the modern development to fit within the existing historic fabric of downtown. 

The final phase of Portwalk included 13,000 SF of mixed-use space, a 120-room hotel and 113 apartment residences. This phase linked the development to other major city areas and incorporated an underground parking facility with 200 much-needed parking spaces for visitors and residences.

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