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Maugel Heads to Beach for Summer Family Outing

Posted by Robin Peters on Wed, Jul 27 , 2016

Many thanks to Will and Cindy for hosting Maugel's summer family outing at their vacation home in Salisbury. It was a gorgeous day on the North Shore of Boston.  We had a great turnout and all the kids loved the beach; I don't think they stopped digging all day.  I personally took the opportunity to pass on some beloved beach toys that had been gathering dust in my garage for the past 7 years. The large dinosaur, shark, and turtle seemed to be everyone's favorites.

The water was icy but that didn't deter the teenagers and twenty-somethings from taking a dip. Towards the end of the day,  the more energetic crowd organized a volley ball game. Thankfully, there was no report of injury—hard to believe since Kunz was playing. And cutie Max Cavanagh (in blue plaid hat) made everyone laugh hamming it up with the Kan Jam can.    

A big thanks to Maureen for organizing the outing, to Mike and Will for cooking all the delicious food, and to Brent and Roberta for sponsoring the event. Will and Cindy, you're the best — thanks for making the day special.


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