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Better and Different

Posted by Sarah Cormier on Tue, Feb 07 , 2017



Funny when your worlds suddenly collide when you are least expecting it.

I have used this quote as the header of my blog since the very first day it launched in 2011. I often stumbled across quotes from Jim Rohn when looking for motivation through the years of struggles with my health and fitness. His words often propelled my writing, inspired me to blog about how I felt when I read them, and made me think about what motivates me. What is it exactly that I am looking for? How am going to ultimately reach my goal? Can I make it past the road blocks, struggles and doubts… and who are the people in my corner helping to encourage and support me along the way?

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Maugel Women Compete in CrossFit Summer Showdown

Posted by Sarah Cormier on Mon, Jun 27 , 2016


When I started CrossFit in 2012, I was hooked the moment I realized I could compete. I was also attracted to the healthier lifestyle, but it was my competitive nature that really made CrossFit a perfect match for me.  If you've never experienced a CrossFit competition, it's really pretty amazing to watch.   Many people attend as spectators: they come to indulge in the delicious foods, such as the bun-free burgers or the pulled-pork and slaw plate, or to buy t-shirts with silly sayings like, “Squat like it's hot,” or “If I pass out, note my time.” But what will impress you the most is the tremendous athleticism and comraderie of the competitors. 

The athletes range from seasoned competitors to novices who compete as individuals, pairs (both same sex and male/female) or in teams. The gym is filled with fellow competitors, spectators and judges--all cheering in support of one another. It's common for the athletes who finish first in the heat to turn around and cheer-on those still working. No one is left behind.

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Thanksgiving Reflections and Gratitude

Posted by Sarah Cormier on Wed, Nov 25 , 2015

I spent the morning at the Loaves and Fishes food pantry yesterday. This was my 4th year volunteering for the Thanksgiving distribution, and it was clearly their most served. At the start of the morning, the Head Food Coordinator Paul Niemira spoke briefly to let us know the pantry had one of their busiest food drop offs in years. Initially, the pantry was low on turkeys and worried they wouldn't be able to serve all the families in need. Through the power of social media and word of mouth, 800 turkeys were donated and they actually had to TURN AWAY turkeys.  They are now all set for their Christmas distribution as well!

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Maugel Architects Hosts a Very Maugel Holiday Party

Posted by Sarah Cormier on Fri, Dec 28 , 2012

'Tis the season for tree trimmings, turkey dinners, eggnog, gift giving and of course, holiday parties.  This year Brent and Roberta Maugel opened their beautiful home for the annual Maugel Holiday Party. Their home, beautifully decorated with trees of all sizes, lights, candles, poinsettias, and a roaring fire, was the perfect setting. Our annual holiday celebration holds a striking resemblance to most family parties--all the way down to the crazy relative who plays Santa for the Yankee swap. Personally, my favorite part of the holiday season has nothing to do with gift giving and receiving. For me, the warmth that is felt by spending time and making memories with those you care about is more important than any gift in a box. I am fortunate to work for a company where those values are shared.

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Gracefully Raising Money for Breast Cancer Prevention

Posted by Sarah Cormier on Wed, Nov 07 , 2012

This weekend was a weekend of giving for me.  I got a good night's sleep on Saturday and was up early the next morning ready to participate in a worldwide event in the CrossFit community called Barbells for Boobs.  Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit breast cancer organization whose mission is to provide funding for qualified low-income and uninsured women and men who need screening and/or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer. The funding is provided through the Mammograms in Action Grant Program.  This weekend's fund raiser was huge--held in thousands of CrossFit boxes around the world. My box, CrossFit Wachusett (Fitchburg), teamed up with a box in Leominster to support this great cause.

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Maugel Team Runs in 5K Hunger Run

Posted by Sarah Cormier on Mon, Oct 22 , 2012

Saturday was a beautiful day for a race.  The 5K was sponsored by the Nashoba Valley Medical Center for the benefit of Loaves and Fishes. First, let me congratulate Elsiana, Mike, Brandon and Christina for completing their very first 5K! Our very own John Lawlor took 3rd overall for the men and I set a new personal record for myself! Before the race, as we all lined up, the organizers from the hospital spoke about the sponsorships. Maugel Architects was mentioned and is also listed on the back of the t-shirts that were given to participants. Maugel was also mentioned for our part in re-designing the Nashoba Valley Medical Center Emergency Room. 

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