Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Cindi Cascio

by: Robin Peters, Marketing Director
Thu, Oct 05 , 2017

Cindi Giugliano Cascio, architect at Maugel Architects

Years in real estate: 15

How do you play your strengths to your advantage in your career: I am naturally very detail-oriented, focused, methodical and thorough—which you wouldn’t believe if you looked at my messy house. Those traits have been an asset in my career as an architect. I often surprise clients by noticing aspects of a design that others may not be aware of and by seeing the detail that is required to execute a great design. By approaching documenting in a methodical way and performing the required research completely, I am able to efficiently produce documents with minimal modifications, which my clients very much appreciate.

This article originally appeared in the New England Real Estate Journal's 2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight.