Who Done It?

by: Robin Peters, Marketing Director
Tue, Oct 20 , 2015

For those of you who like a little intrigue, we have a game for you...Who Done It? We all played the game at our annual retreat last week.  It was great fun and we had a lot of laughs trying to match the description to our fellow colleague. We always knew we had an interesting mix of personalities, but many of the matches surprised us. Mark Pelletier was the victor with the most correct answers. Was it due to his keen insight into human behavior? Or perhaps it was his superior observation skills? Who knows, but he beat us all by a wide margin. Congratulations, Mark.  Not bad for a newcomer...    


John Almy, Dan Barton, Cindi Cascio, Colby Cavanagh, John Cocker, Sarah Cormier, Jodi Emmons,
Jen Gould, Maureen Hopper, Nicole Kirouac, Mike Kunz, John Lawlor, Brent Maugel, Rebecca Medeiros,
Debbie Noyes, Will Palermo, Mark Pelletier, Robin Peters, Marcos Severino, Jane Sullivan, and
Heather Ward.

1.   I rode a camel in Tangiers Africa.
2.   I met my husband on a blind date.
3.   I have been to 12 different countries.
4.   I played hockey in Scandinavia in 10th grade.
5.   I used to be a freestyle big ramp BMX rider.
6.   I played soprano horn in a championship drum and bugle corps.
7.   In high school, I debated between going into design or becoming          a professional hip hop dancer.
8.   I can deadlift over 300 lbs.
9.   I have been hang gliding…twice.
10. I play the electric bass.
11. I have a license to carry a firearm.
12. I totaled my parent’s first new car…when I was 3.
13. I wrecked my first car INSIDE a car wash
14. I met Mohammed Ali and sat on his lap during a Halloween event          in grade school
15. My first job was working in an ice cream store.
16. I have lived in 4 states and moved 11 times…and no I am not in           the witness protection program.
17. I had purple hair in college.
18. I starred in the televised Community Auditions show as a                   teenager, singing and playing piano
19. I was an architectural club president at my college.
20. On a dare, I stood on a diving board at a hotel pool and sang "God        Bless America"
21. I have never broken a bone.




Answers: (1) Debbie (2) Jane (3) Colby (4) John A. (5) Will (6) Robin (7) Rebecca (8) Sarah (9) Jodi (10) Marcos (11) Jen (12) Mark (13) Brent (14) Heather (15) Jon C. (16) John L. (17) Maureen (18) Cindi (19) Mike (20) Dan (21) Nicole