Maugel Summer Lobster Bake & Pool Party

by: Robin Peters, Marketing Director
Mon, Jul 30 , 2012

I started working at Maugel on June 28th.  About two weeks later, I received an invitation to the Maugel Summer Lobster Bake & Pool Party.  Now for most people over forty, there is one event that is sure to send a shiver down your spine: pool party.  Yikes! What had I gotten myself into?  I thought companies had gotten rid of all these "fun" things to do.  Wasn't the country in a recession? There was no way I was getting my non-gym-going self into a bathing suit in front of my co-workers (or in shorts, for that matter). I pondered whether my sudden resignation would be held against me by a future employer...probably, so I decided to go speak with Deb first.

In any organization there is always one person who knows the inside scoop--at Maugel that person is Debbie.  Debbie keeps the wheels on and makes sure the place is running smoothly.  I was told not to worry. It would be a lot of fun. The outing would be very casual and low-key. Spouses and kids were welcome.  Yes, there would be a pool. Yes, people would be swimming. But fear not, I could wear what ever I wanted.  She could not, however, guarantee that I wouldn't get thrown in the pool...

Fully clothed but wet, I could live with that.