The Art of Designing Creative Workplaces

by: Brent Maugel AIA, President
Mon, Oct 22 , 2012

At Maugel Architects, we believe that being thoughtful is a requisite skill to being a top designer.  This philosophy has inspired us to work with clients to craft distinctively designed, innovative work spaces—cost effectively.   An illustration of this collaboration occurred when one of our clients questioned why "design" required covering the building's structure and hiding its systems. After thoughtful consideration, we proposed a new concept that we now refer to as the Studio Design aesthetic, or Dio-design for short.

The Dio-design aesthetic features clean, straightforward spaces, often with open concept floor plans for maximum flexibility. Dio-design incorporates ideas from the modernism movement and mixes the old with the new, exposing the character and the spirit of an old building in an innovative way that makes the old, new again.  The spaces are characterized by the use of glass and metal details, bright white and/or grey base tones with spontaneous “pops” of bold color, a mix of low maintenance and exposed floors (polished concrete and refinished wood), exposed structure and mechanical ducts, efficient light fixtures, and the discerning use of sustainable building materials.

Corporate Interiors

The beauty of Dio-design is its adaptability. Dio-design can be used in a myriad of project scenarios, from new construction to renovation--even existing spaces can be reinvented. Mixing old and new often creates a more inspiring environment, conducive to creativity.  It's a nod to the past while steering towards the eye of the future.  

The studio design aesthetic resonates with the technological culture and the youthful talent that companies are seeking to attract.   Our clients are looking to infuse this kind of energy into their business environment. Dio-design elicits a gallery feeling or an art studio ambiance which also serves as a wonderful backdrop for branding artwork, and photography. Most recently, Maugel Architects has been hired to create Dio-design spaces for a virtual speculative office space, a global internet securities company, a corporate real estate headquarters, and a café restaurant.

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